About Charlotte…

I was born in New Zealand and in my early twenties after working the corporate world decided to move to move to London where I initially spent around a year and took time out to travel throughout Europe. I returned to New Zealand to upskill and gained a Bachelor of Education, followed by a New Zealand Diploma in Business Studies.

Not long after I gained my teaching registration my father died. While working through the grieving process after my father’s death, I decided I had some unfinished business to attend to. I needed to once again challenge my thinking. There were things in my life not going how I had imagined them, and the one constant factor was me. So I took time out and signed up for an Outward Bound Course in the South Island.

The Outward Bound Course forced me to challenge my limiting beliefs and realise whatever I put my mind to is possible.  Hence why every few years I like to challenge myself to a wee marathon to check that I’ve still got it.  It also gave me time out to consider what was important to me and decide what was next in my life. Did Outward Bound change my life in that moment? A little bit, but ultimately when I look back now, absolutely. Sometimes we are too close to the fire to see what is happening; but in hindsight, it was the beginning of a life long process in Personal Development and Education.

I have enjoyed living and working in the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia and of course New Zealand.  I know that these experiences have shaped the person I am today, and because of them, I am able to share real experiences with the kids I teach.

I believe it is important to help children build a strong self worth. With a robust self-esteem comes the ‘want’ to learn because children know they can reach personal and academic goals. Student agency has become important to me as I learn more about the need for students (and teachers) to continually be building on their 21st Century skill set.  I also believe that co-operative strategies must be taught to students and adults alike, as these skills promotes individual accountability, encourages a team of people to support each other to reach common goals. Having strong self worth and the ability to work as part of a team will prepare children to become positive members of our community – a win-win situation.

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