Charity of Choice

What we’re doing to make a difference:

Life Education children learn from a young age that never before in time and never again in time will there be another person like them, they’re special; that their brain and body are magnificent; what the body’s needs are; and that we all need to give respect and support to each other.

Independent research shows that our programme makes children feel valued, it motivates them to learn, it improves friendships, reduces bullying, and they change aspects of their lifestyle to be healthier and happier. We use teaching techniques that increase self esteem. 100% of your donation will be used to deliver the programme in your area.

Your financial support allows us to:

  • Maintain our mobile classroom
  • Ensure our programme continually evolves to reflect  changes in society and changes in the curriculum and allows us to stay at the forefront of education
  • Support educator training and the supply of teaching resources
  • Offer services to our community trusts without charging levies and retain our community ownership

So Donate Now on

Registered Charity Number CC29410

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