Hold On To Your Dreams

It is so important to Hold On To Your Dreams and tonight I was reminded once again how the support of loved ones makes it easier to work towards making our dreams a reality.

Now I am not generally one for keeping cards but as I tidied my room (which is always a rather epic event), I found birthday cards from my mum given to me over the past two years.

As I sat and reread them I was filled with love because the cards and written sentiments clearly demonstrated to me that my mum gets me.  It was one of those moments where I really appreciated having a mother that after everything we have been through is still there, who accepts and encourages me.  Pretty special.

I asked my mum if I could share these two cards with you and she was okay with it – thanks mum 🙂


"Don't go through life.... grow through it."


I had to giggle when I took in both pictures… mum managed to find cards that represented the way I used to interact with her.  I was very prickly and difficult or loving and friendly.  The choice of cards were unique to our relationship, where she found them I’ll never know as I haven’t seen them in any bookstores or shops I’ve been to.



Whether it is your mum. dad, family member or good friend, they know and should support you in a way that builds a strong self worth.  We need to have a stable self esteem with all the choices that come along each and every day.  How we feel about ourselves will often dictate what decision we will make.

Hold on to your dreams, trust yourself because you have everything inside you right now to succeed…. and remember to begin…. we all start somewhere.

Hail In Waipawa?

This week had me staying with some awesome friends at their place in Waipawa, New Zealand.  For those that have no idea where this township can be found, it is about a five minute drive from Waipukurau in the Hawkes Bay.

It turns out that Mother Nature wanted to make herself known so decided to throw a hail storm.  Check out some of the photographs taken just before the storm broke….

Hail is brewing up in those clouds....
Dark, dark clouds...

Here is a video of the hail storm making itself known…..

Xmas Time At Hope & Glory….

Believe it or not Christmas is just around the corner and if you are still in a mad rush to find that perfect present for a loved one then make sure you pop in to Hope & Glory on the main street in Greytown, Wairarapa.

Below is a selection of yummy goodies you can lay your hands on…. and if you want to purchase something online make sure you click on this link: Hope & Glory

Happy shopping!

For The Unsuspecting...
Man Stuff To Make Him Smile....
Comfort & Style...
Cards For Every Occasion....
A Touch Of Class...
Fun & Funky....
Delicate & Devine...
Something Soft....
Humour Is Everything!
Pamper Your Skin...
Natural Skincare.....
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ING New York Marathon Results 2011

Here are my ING New York Marathon Results 2011

I’m pleased to report I did in fact finish the marathon held in New York on the 6th November 2012.  It was a rather long slog around the course, with lots of bridges to cross.  The crowd was amazing and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of completing a marathon to put this on your to do list.  The crowd are so supportive and help motivate you around the course.

I have included some photographs taken by a friend who came over to enjoy the marathon festivities without actually having to run it – a very wise woman indeed!

The end is only 250 yards away... I can almost taste it...
So close.... and so ready for it to be over...
A celebration dinner at the end of the day.... I could still walk... just!

If you find the pictures below too hard to read then click on the photo and it should take you to the original URL source.

ING New York Marathon Results 2011

Full Race Breakdown
Run Summary

Breadcraft Wairarapa Schools Art Exhibition….

It’s that time again where Breadcraft Wairarapa Schools Art Exhibition is on show at the Aratoi Wairarapa Museum in Masterton.  It runs from the 10th September right through to the 9th October 2011.

I was fortunate enough to go along with my mother after enjoying a lovely coffee in the adjacent cafe.  I must admit I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was my first time, but I absolutely loved it!

There were 455 artworks on display from the various schools around the district and every single piece had something special to offer.  I can only hope that the students that put their artwork into this exhibition will be back next year.

Below is a few pieces that I particularly enjoyed…… my top 20!

Sean Percy – Wainuioru School


Shaeya McPhee – Carterton School


Robert Spite – Opaki School


Nicole Smith – St Matthew’s Collegiate


Matthew Wilson – Rathkeale College


Marlle McDougall – Wairarapa College


Lucy Hayes – St. Matthew’s Intermediate


Lily Burgin-Penlington – Montessori School


Keegan Weeks – Rathkeale College


Katie Renall – St Matthews Collegiate


Jordy Luff – Lakeview School


Jemma McKenzie, Ally Nelson & Natalia Nauer – St. Patricks School


James Graham – St. Patricks School


Holly Crombie – Gladstone School


Erica Webster – Pirinoa School


Emma Sims – Mauriceville School


Dalton Maxwell – Makoura College


Anna Robbie – Alfredton School


Amelia Percy – Alfredton School


Will Find Out Who The Artist Was…..