21st Century Kids….

A 21st Century Kid has the capacity to pick up digital skills as quickly as I can consume a packet of chocolate macaroons!  Not to brag, but actually I can consume a packet pretty quickly.

So why the song and dance over digital skills?

Without them your kid doesn’t stand a chance of competing against the big boys.  Digital technology is advancing so quickly that soon we’ll have robots driving cars and buses and what happens to those that used to hold these jobs?  Already we have automated self-service checkout in the supermarket, we sort out our own petrol and business are having us do more online than ever before.

So where does this leave the kids who are currently working their way through primary school?  In hot water if their school isn’t already up-skilling their staff and investing in digital devices that will provide the platform for developing the 21st Century skills for jobs that don’t even exist yet.

So take the time to familiarize yourself with what the world will be like for our kids in the 21st Century by watching this short clip: