Flying In A Tiger Moth…

Today was pretty exciting because my mum went flying in a Tiger Moth.  

Flying isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I knew I was onto a pretty good idea because my mum’s dad used to own a Tiger Moth and take his daughters flying in it.

Since I’m moving away to the city I thought this would be a great opportunity to give mum something that would last in her memory forever.  Not some vase, mug or toaster that can be replaced at a moments notice…  Marketers have done a really good job at convincing us that we need to buy ‘things’ or ‘objects’ to make people happy, when really what people really want is to have an experience; preferably one that is shared as it then holds more value.

I don’t know about you, but as I grow older, I have become acutely aware that life is about relationships and the memories we form with people.  It is not the things we have, but the things we do; like spending our time (which is our most precious commodity) with our loved ones.  Which of course got me thinking, really thinking about  generating a memory that my mum would emotionally enjoy at different levels.  You will have the opportunity to hear first hand what my mum thought of her experience flying in a Tiger Moth again.

I doubt very much if Mum will get around to having another flight in a Tiger Moth so I made sure that I took my iPhone and recorded the event with photos and a series of small videos, which I have put together to make a ‘keep-sake’ for her.  I was really proud of my mum taking up the challenge in her later years as it’s not easy getting in and out of a small cockpit!!

Mum was upbeat and full of energy throughout her experience, a side of my mother I am happy to have inherited – thanks mum!

Come and take a look and feel free to leave comments below:


Have you ever had someone do something for you quite unexpected that had you beaming from ear to ear?  If so I’d love to hear about it so make sure you leave a comment below!

If you would like to go on a Tiger Moth flight and happen to be visiting the Wairarapa District, I can whole heartedly recommend Ace-Aviation.  Make sure you ask for Kerry, a very experienced and thoughtful pilot.

Art By Deborah Kerly… Using an iPad

Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Kerly whilst living and traveling around Italy.  One of the first things I picked up was Deborah’s flair for the Arts.

Recently Deborah started using an iPad and I have taken the time to squirrel away some of Deborah’s work and wanted to share it with you.  The work you are about to see has been released with Deborah’s approval.